The Mists of Straith

Session 2

After returning to town and sharing most of their tale with the second in command, Adalgar Tilir, the party rested for the night. In the morning, after a night of interesting dreams, the party proceeded to the Mistling’s Rest in order to find Durante and give him the news of the previous night’s activities. However, he is absent from his room, which is apparently deserted.

Questioning the owner of the inn, Swain Amal, reveals that Durante was taken into custody shortly after the party returned in the night, with some involvement of the Faceless Legion. A more in depth conversation reveals that Durante was taken for a suspicion of tampering with the spires, and that upon the return of the town head scout Yong Thanh, the parties story would be under inspection.

The party proceeded to the garrison and prison, where they conversed briefly with Adalgar and Durante. Adalgar gave them essentially no new information, but reinforced what Swain had told them earlier. Durante was angry at the party for getting him thrown in jail, and distraught over the loss of the manor. The jailor, Li Thanh, informed the party that they would not be allowed to leave the town until Yong returned and they could confirm the parties side of events.

After a brief discussion with Aurelia Christel, the high priestess of Ambros in the town, about the god Traugott, Yong had returned. He was quickly ushered into a conference with the ranking members of the town guard, as the men at the gates were reinforced. Before the conference exited, however, Swain spoke with the party and offered them a place to hide and escape the town. He told them that Yong had specifically said that no goblin corpses had been found at the manor, and that it seemed very likely that the town guard would attempt to imprison them after the conference.

After waiting the rest of the day in a hidden cavern beneath the Mistling’s Rest, Swain offered the party a way out of the city in return for a favor to be named at a later date. The party accepted and was smuggled out of the city in a caravan headed to Eastgate. However, upon passing the spire in the center of town, the amulet suddenly increased in volume to an almost deafening roar, although only Aislinn could hear it.

Shortly after leaving the town, a small group of guardsmen led by Yong approached and stopped the caravan. Yong demanded that Aislinn give the amulet back to him, although the party had never met him before this instant. Instead of returning the amulet, the party opted to fight, and slew both Yong and the guardsmen with him. Now believing themselves outlaws and unwelcome in Sorpigal, the party heads north, back into the mist.



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