The Mists of Straith

Session 1

One early fall evening in the far flung town of Sorpigal, three people received letters urgently requesting aid from them and any friends they might have. Five answered the call, and were asked by Durante OtoƱo to investigate the mysterious reappearance of the mist around the manor of his master, Radulf Silvius.

The party set out to the north, and found the manor surrounded by mist, as expected, but also found it overrun with goblins. They had a second objective, however – to recover a set of documents from the manor house proper. They fought their way inside and had managed to recover the documents along with a small cache of valuables and magical items when the manor house caught aflame.

Quickly escaping through the window, they saw that the out buildings that housed the servants had also caught on fire, and that the servants had remained inside, although it was unclear if it was by choice or not. The party saw a gaunt elf speaking with the goblin leader, taking one of two small black amulets from him, before walking into the forest. They then fought and defeated the goblin leader and his guards, recovering the other black amulet.

They now return to the town of Sorpigal not sure of why the goblins were there, why the manor house caught on fire, or why the spires failed in the first place.



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